Nightmotorsport began in the Inland Empire, during the street racing scene of 2005. Shop owner, Istvan Klag, was working full time for Hyundai, but in his free time, he would go out and race with his Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. In 2006, the Hawk Eye STI was released, and Istvan knew he traded in his beloved Eclipse, and bought one. Soon after purchasing the car Istvan, blew the motor. He decided to rebuild the engine himself and got the car running like new.

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Driven by passion to deliver handcrafted automotive engineering, Nightmotosport was built to deliver the highest quality craftsmanship, focusing on quality over quantity.Now with over 15 years of experience in automotive engineering, Nightmotorsport is now one of the only Certified Cobb ProTuners for Subaru and Ford in all of Southern California. 

About Us
About Us

Word began to spread about Istvan and motorists began asking him to work on their cars. He knew he had found his passion, but Istvan was still working full-time for Hyundai and working on rebuilding engines only at night.  Soon, the demand for engine builds was staggering and there was just too much work to do, as a side project. Consequently, Istvan took the chance and left Hyundai to pursue his dream of opening an automotive engineering shop, with a concentration in building custom engines, and establishing an eCommerce website to sell aftermarket/bolt on products that enhance automotive performance for consumers. Upon opening Nightmotorsport, Istvan decided to move away from the street racing scene and entered the Global Time Attack scene. With solid lap times, Nightmotorsport began to establish a name for itself and a lot of new business as well.

About Us

In addition, at Nightmotorsport, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer service and are always striving to exceed expectations. We treat our customers with the utmost respect, because we believe they are the heart of an industry we love. Our customers are the ones that keep the passion and enthusiasm for motorsports alive, and we feel they are important to keeping this great industry thriving and moving forward.

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