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Timing Belt Servicing

Published December 23, 2016


Working with Subaru's is a labor of love, if everything is going right, then you know something's about to break. One of the main issues we've run into a fair amount is customers buying their first Subaru secondhand without any service records. Sure enough they will bring their car to the shop and tell us it has been having issues and have us diagnose their symptoms. More often than not the car is way past due for some maintenance milestone. One of the key components of any car is its drive belt or chain, without it your car will not do what it's designed to do, DRIVE. The timing belt is an internal engine component that rotates the came and crankshaft simultaneously to ensure each cylinder fires at the right time. The timing belt is is located on the front of the engine and is usually under the timing cover. On turbocharged vehicles the belt is subject to incredible forces inside our motor and thus it wears out over time and must be replace in order to keep your car functioning properly.

Whenever one of our customers buys a used Subaru we urge them to do a full inspection in order to make sure the car is in proper working order before buying. Here at the shop we always say "If it's a used Subaru it's been an abused Subaru". Maintenance is a pivotal component in keeping any car healthy, and thus replacing an old worn timing belt will keep you from damaging your motor. Not having your timing belt replace at its designated interval can lead to valve tick, bent valves, skipped timing, which will all lead to the demise of your engine.

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