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NMS Stage 2 Ultimate whole 9-Yard Short Block

NMS Stage 2 Ultimate whole 9-Yard Short Block

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Price: $8,999.00
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Vendor : Nightmotorsport
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NightMotorSport Stage 1 Ultimate whole 9-Yard Short Block

-Darton Sleeves
-Manley Billet 4340 Crank
-Manley Turbo Tuff Rods ,
-NMS Custom CP Forged Pistons
-ARP Hardware

For when you're ready to step into real horsepower. These bottom ends are rated for 850+ BHP when matched with corresponding parts.

The Darton Sleeves-
Percision machined Steel inserts that completely replace the stock thin walled steel cylinders. This will ensure zero deflection when you go to add power and boost, and will do so for a long time. Furthermore you won't be restricting coolant flow as you would if you went closed deck mod. Also the sleeves makes the exhaust note a bit more burly.

Manley Billet Crank -
Lightened and balanced for a vibration free, quick spin all the way to redline.
The balance and absence of vibration will help with longevity. The lightening will ensure less drag for a quick spin when you jump on the throttle, and need to get back into boost.

Manley Turbo Tuff Rods-
Forged from aircraft quality 4340 vacuum degassed material. Each rod is fully machined in the Manley Lakewood, NJ factory to the highest standards. The signature "Turbo Tuff" design combines the appropriate weight and rugged strength for ultimate horsepower applications. Each rod is shot peened after machining and magnafluxed. Bores are round and without taper. Bend and twist is tightly controlled.

NMS Pistons-
CP quality, Custom machined for your application. We can't say a whole lot about these. They are our own design and we've chosen to work with CP in order to construct a product that defies the harbor of death and broken wallets... "Ringland Failure"
These babies are One of the pride and joys around the shop, and won't let you down.

ARP Hardware-
These are commonly used for upgrading the weak factory connecting rod bolts. If you are planning on going over stock RPMs, these are a must! This is one of the first steps in building a reliable performance engine.
All machine work is within +/- .001

Same goes for assembly, so you'll have a tight fit. Good for trackable pinpoint numbers and longevity.
With the right heads, turbo, and tune, this will decimate all...

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