Nightmotorsport EJ25 Billet Valve Cover Kit

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$1,100.00 - $1,250.00

Product Overview


Introducing our NMS EJ25 Billet Valve Cover Kit, with built in extra cooling features along with an industry leading Air/Oil Separator.

Designed and manufactured, in house, our EJ25 NMS Billet Valve Cover kit comes with built in cooling features, additional surface area to help with oil temperature reduction, and an industry leading Air/Oil Separator that allows for less blow by.

Changing out spark plugs and coils have never been easier! With its slimmer design, our valve cover allows for easier installation of spark plugs and coils to maintain the overall health of your vehicle.

You can also choose your color from a variety of colors to create your own aesthetic or to match your current engine bay's color scheme.

For more information, visit our website or link in our bio. For purchasing and availability, call us or message us today!!

This product meets all emission requirements.

AN Fittings: -10 to push on hose, for stock breather hoses

Warranty Information

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