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EFI Live

To Continue our support for not only the import market we also extend our tuning knowledge to the diesel industry with certified training and expertise for Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and GM platforms.

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AEM Infinity

We specialize in Cobb Protuning with an emphasis on the Subaru platform however, we work on all Cobb platforms including Mazda, Nissan, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Porsche.

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Haltech ECU

Standalone ECU tuning made simple with the AEM Infinity platform. Nightmotorsport is factory trained by AEM to optimize vehicles running standalone AEM support.

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HP Tuners

While mainly focusing on import tuning we strive to offer all vehicles a tuning solution, HP Tuners offers support for Dodge, Ford, and GM.

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Haltech ECU

Haltech ECU tuning is yet another service for standalone systems that we offer. With a wide array of parameters standalone tuning lets you truly be in control of your vehicle.

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MoTec Tuning

In an effort to offer a wide array of tuning support we also offer MoTec standalone tuning support, we can work with your MoTec ECU in order to have your car reach it’s true potential.

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Link Engine Management

Link provides an assortment of engine management options for internal combustion engine in performance cars, drag racing, drifting, and sprint racing. Wirein ECUs are adaptable to any vehicle while Plugin ECUs are available for: Audi, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota.

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UpRev develops reflash systems for most Nissan and Infiniti ECUs with a focus on data collection and calibration systems.


Bully Dog

Bully Dog is at the forefront of performance ECU calibration technology for gas and diesel vehicles looking to add performance, tackle tough terrain, haul heavy payloads or tow trailers over long distances.


SCT Tuner

SCT offers hundreds of performance calibrations for Ford, GM, and Dodge vehicles which can be uploaded to the ECM and unlocks your vehicle’s potential.


AWD Mustang Dynamometer

At Nightmotorsport we use our state of the art AWD Mustang Dynamometer in order to tune all our customers’ vehicles. For any tuning related questions email [email protected]

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